Alborz province at one glance

Alborz province at one glance

(1-1) The geographical location

Alborz province is the thirty first province of Iran where has an area of 5800 square kilometers and is located in the north of Iran at the skirts of Alborz mountain range.This province is neighbor to Mazandaran province from the north and neighbor to Qazvin province from the west anf is also neighbor to Tehran province from the east and southeast and is neighbor to Markazi province from the southwest.Savojbolagh , Nazarabad ,and Taleqan are its cities. 

(2-1)Climate conditions

the weather of the province is affected by Alborz mountain and has cold winters and moderate summers. The south of the province has a hot and dry weather because of being adjacent to desert,  and at one side reaches Alborz mountainand at the other side ends in one of the driest deserts of iran.Furthermore because of the existence of natural rough terrains comprised of deep valleys vast plains with an appropriate plant cover and green gardens attracts visitors to itself. 

(3-1)The introduction of the cities

The big city of Karaj has the city of karaj as its center is comprised of central parts and Asara and Eshtehard.The city of karaj is one of the cities and is the center of Alborz province.This city is located at a distance of 36 km from the west of Tehran across the western side of the Karaj River and is also located at the southern foot of Alborz mountain.Karaj is one of the metropolises of Iran.the population of this city based on the survey of statistics center of Iran in 2010 is 2000000 persons. After Tehran,karaj is biggest city in attracting emigrants and is included as one of the metropolises of Iran considering this city as a young one.Karaj has a great number of productive and industrial units which areconcentrated in different parts of the city or mainly in the industrial towns. Some touristic attractions of Karaj are:Karaj-Chalous road,apple garden in Mehrshahr,pearl palace(Shams) and historical village of Atashgah.From the other historical-cultural attractions of Karaj can name:Shah Abbasi Inn,historical bridge of Karaj and Taher shrine in Karaj where is the tomb of many of contemporary reputable artists and poets of iran.The city of Savojbolgh has the town of Savojbolagh as its center is comprised of central parts , chandar and chahar baq.The city of Savojbolagh with an area of 1022 square km is limited to Alborz heights and Taleqan from the north , to Qazvin and Nazar Abad from the west and is limited to Karaj from the south and east. Based on the survey of statistics center of Iran in 2010 the city has a population of 238081 persons.The word «Savojbolagh» is a Turkish name which means «cold water spring» and this name evidently indicates the wonderful and green nature of this region which is full of rivers and springs.
The city of Nazar Abad has the town of Nazar Abad as its center and is comprised of central parts and Tankman.The town of Nazar Abad is located at the end of southwest of Alborz province.The population of this city based on the survey of statistics center of Iran in 2010 is 141890 persons.The city has 47 historical and cultural monuments which 34 of them have been registered in national monument list of Iran.The weather of this city is proper for cultivating. The ancient area of Uzbek is one of the most important ancient areas of this city which has shown us the first brick made by human.
The city of Taleqan with the town of Taleqan as its center. 
The city of Taleqan with an area of 1186 square km is located in the northwest of the province and at southern foot of Alborz mountain range.Based on the survey of satatistics center of Iran in 2010, the population of this city is 32635 persons.The word «Taleqan» means hill , height and crag and in other words Taleqan is the mountain and land of heights.In this city 112 historical,cultural and natural attractions have been discovered which 67 of them have been registered in national monument list of Iran.High summits and the dam lake and the Shahrod River are outstanding natural attractions of this province.

(4-1)The populational feature of the province 
Based on the preliminary results of the public population and residence census in 2011 the province has a population of 2337005 persons and the rate of population growth is 1.3%.

Alborz province Preliminary results of the public population and residence census in 2011
Family quantity 689992
Population 2337005 persons
Man 1200988 persons
woman 1136017 persons
Cities places 2108662 persons
Rural places 228343 persons
Sex ratio 106 man-woman
Rate of growth 1.3%
Family dimension 3.4%
Reference :statistics center of Iran

(5-1)The advantages of Alborz province

Alborz province due to geographical position and practical capabilities in different grounds  such as specialist human resource and … has proportional and competitive advantages compared with the other provinces of Iran. some of these advantages are :
1.being near to population and easy accessibility to educational , sanitary, treatment facilities and specialist human resources.
2.capabilities of soil and water
3.establishing the strategic industries
4.existence of natural  and unique touristic attractions 
5.existence of skilled and trustable consultant – foreign and international corporations
6.being located on the main connecting roads of the country 
7.being easily accessible to the international airports: Imam Khomeini, Mehrabad, Payam cargo airport, Azadi private airport
8.existence of 9 industrial towns and 3500 industrial units in Alborz province
9.accessibility to inhabitant population in Tehran and retaining the safety of investors from the view of consumer population
10.existence of proper situation for creation of the third pole of automobile industry 
11.the construction of universities : the comprehensive university of Alborz , medical science university, Ecology university for the near future
12.creation of technology park in Alborz province for the near future
13.existence of Payam special economic zone and international airport of Payam in this province and its role in export of products to other countries
14.the existence of researching centers for nuclear medicine in Karaj and its activity in the field of medicine and nuclear cultivation.
15.existence of a great number of researching centers in Alborz province in the field of biotechnology and nano
16.the capability of Alborz province for becoming a pole in the ground of biotechnology and nano

6-1)Approaches to the economic development in Alborz province)
In keeping with the development of the province and efficient use of potential and regional capabilities of each province ,we should define indicies and criteria with regard to province´s feature and proportional and competitive advantages of the province in which the rate of developed step is shown.Generally some indicies are evaluated in development affair which are defined with regard to pertained variants , and the sustainable development of the province will be improved if the indicies were mentioned get better.
•Educational index
•Sanitary and treatment index 
•Transportation and communication index
•Residence index
•Cultural index
At the end with the assessing the situation we not only par sufficient attention to the economic and social situation of the province but also know the capabilities and shortages, and this process leads to get successful in scheduling and decreasing tne inequalities in the different parts(cities and rural) of the province.

(1-6-1)With regard to indices mentioned above ,these suggestions can be presented :
• The existed industrial units are not organized and the activity of some of them cannot be justified economically and we should retain present industries instead of developing new industrial units and protect them in a way that these industries can act as much as they can.

•Unfortunately, at present time, the liquidity preparation resources do not work efficiently. The banks as the only procurers of short-time financial resources have  accepted a considerable responsibility for pecuniary of different parts whereas  the capital market as a procurer of financial resources does not act efficiently. This has happened in the situation that the capital market as a long-time financial resources procurer must act more efficiently.

•Creation and development of new industries must be carried out with receiving recommendations , evaluation and monitoring investment affairs based on practical pledge if not , as we can see , these investments such as existed industries will encounter recession and do not affect domestic producing and employment rate which leads to increasing the costs and wasting the resources.

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